Bonnie V.

Graduate Ambassador at Portland State University


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Master of Business Administration, Master of Finance

Program Delivery: Part Time

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2021

My Background

I was born and raised in southern Oregon and have lived in several states over the years. I attended PSU for my undergrad where I earned my BS in Business Finance. After graduation, I started working in the banking industry in the lending department. I am currently a Portfolio Manager for healthcare professionals such as dentists and veterinarians where I manage a portfolio of these clients while also analyzing and assessing new loan requests. I will be graduating with my Maters in Finance and hope to work for a local angel or venture fund to help finance new startup companies.

My Experience at Portland State University

I have had a wonderful experience at PSU. I really enjoyed my time when I attended PSU for my undergrad which is why I decided to come back for my Masters degree. My favorite part for my current experience for my Masters has been unexpected bonus of making some really good friends as well as great professional networking. I think the university does a good job of providing plenty of opportunities for clubs, guest speakers, activities, etc. It is a diverse university where you will learn from many different backgrounds and prospectives.

My Advice for Exploring Graduate Business School

I would recommend getting to know everyone in the cohort as it may surprise you the truly lasting friendships you will make. I would also advise to learn from all of the different prospectives and experiences of your cohort as this will greatly assist in your overall learning. You will only get out of the program what you put into it so dive deep into every class and really push yourself outside of your comfort zone as this is the way you will achieve the most personal growth. Lastly, have fun! It can seem very stressful at times so lean on your cohort, build those relationships and plan some fun social events and get togethers with your classmates. It works wonders!

My Future Goals

I would like to make a career transition and work for a local angel or venture fund to help finance startup companies. I have been frustrated in the banking industry and the lack of assistance for newer and young companies that we are not able to provide financing so I am excited to hopefully work on the other side and help new companies with great ideas get the funding they need to grow and achieve their goals. Eventually, I would like to earn my PhD and teach finance classes at a university.

I'm passionate about...

Hanging with Friends Painting Reading Fantasy playing softball I love to play basketball.

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