Elisabeth L.

Graduate Ambassador at Portland State University


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Master of Business Administration

Program Delivery: Full Time

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2020

My Experience at Portland State University

My experience at PSU has been amazing. Every day I'm impressed with the way the school is run, from the communications from the President to the inclusion, diversity, and support they provide students. I'm especially pleased with the amount of 'soft skills' built into the MBA program. It truly is a rigorous program focusing on finance and strategy, but also self-awareness, leadership skills, and team-building.

My Background

I graduated with a BA in Psychology 20 years ago from the University of Washington. I've worked for two privately held businesses in various roles since then, with a specialization in Human Resources the last 15-18 years. Last year I decided to leave Seattle and my job to pursue my MBA at PSU.

My Future Goals

I'm not sure quite yet. I may want to remain in the HR arena - or I may look at serving business and communities in another way altogether. That's one of the things I want to explore during my time at PSU.

My Advice for Exploring Graduate Business School

Review the course schedules and class types, explore the certification options, visit the campus, and talk to current and former students in the program. What was most helpful to me was visiting the campus and sitting in on a few classes.

I'm passionate about...

volunteering with homeless people Serving Others Society for Human Resource Management

I'm involved with...

Women Inspiring Leadership Student Ambassador Program BImpact
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