Jon D.

Alumnus at Portland State University

Current: Portland, OR

Hometown: Portland, OR

Major: International Relations

My Future Goals

Hoping to find work managing projects and portfolios for a large tech firm in Portland or Seattle. If I'm lucky they'll send me to live and work overseas and I'll finally achieve my dream of being an expat.

My Background

Mandarin speaker, Asian affairs expert, and former Army officer, I'm now transitioning to the private sector.

My Advice for Exploring Graduate Business School

Talk to as many different people as you can. Inside the Business School, in other schools at PSU, and outside of PSU.

My Experience at Portland State University

Everyone at PSU wants to help students be successful; they're working their butts off to support us and cheering for our success.

I'm passionate about...

Adventure Sports Travel

I'm involved with...

Hiking/Backpacking Skydiving Snowboarding
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