Neeraj P.

Graduate Ambassador at Portland State University

Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Master of Business Administration

Program Delivery: Part Time

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2020

My Advice for Exploring Graduate Business School

Give some deep thoughts about what you want and why you want to have it. It’s beautiful to go back to school. Define your goals and what is important to you - both in your future and the program that you choose. PSU - the business school has a lot to offer and for sure, a lot of work but incredibly rewarding if it aligns with your career plans and values. If you are undecided, try available resources! Talk to people - The Business School and student ambassadors welcome you and hope to answer any questions.

My Experience at Portland State University

PSU business school was a conscious choice for me. I’m glad and happy with the decision I made. My experience with Portland state university is impressive, and so far has been great. Portland State University has provided me a unique perspective around sustainability in business and social innovation. By offering a well-tailored curriculum- you, as a student, will feel you are growing and learning something new with each class. PSU teaches you to grow as a professional in the business world. The whole program design is very well crafted and executed. Business school Professors and staff are readily accessible to help with everything you needed as a student.

My Future Goals

After having a decade long professional experience - I yearned to learn more about how things work on the business side. With the background in computers, studying business was in my mind of years. I would be exploring more prominent roles in the same area where I can connect my prior experience to the business world.

My Background

After studied mathematics and statistics in undergrad and have a master’s degree in computer science, I’ve been working for a decade and a half years in the field of Information technology. My nature of job provides me the opportunity to stay in many different geographical locations around the globe.

I'm passionate about...

Social Innovation Beaches Social Work International Travelling

I'm involved with...

Social Work International Travelling Chess Programming
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