Christopher R.

Graduate Ambassador at Portland State University


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Masters of Real Estate Development, MRED

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2021

My Background

My background is in project management, business development and client relations working in the music industry. I have worked for Major and Independent record labels, and producer management companies in Sydney, London and Los Angeles, in addition to operating my own business. I hold a Bachelors Degree from Sydney University in Economics and Social Sciences. I am now a Graduate research fellow at PSU, and I volunteer at the International Living Future Institute

My Future Goals

To become a knowledgeable and experienced real estate professional and to expand my own portfolio.

My Experience at Portland State University

My experience at Portland State University has been fantastic. For someone learning a new industry, I have enjoyed excellent support and intel from career counsellors, professors and the network I have been introduced to via the degree. The learning process has been rewarding and offers great scope.

My Advice for Exploring Graduate Business School

My advice for people exploring graduate school is to talk to people doing the degree and do your research. This will help ensure that you understand the workload, and what you are committing to, and whether the degree will help you achieve your goals.

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