Kristen C.

Graduate Ambassador at Portland State University

Graduate Program

Program: Master of Business Administration

Secondary Program:

Graduation Year: 2020

My Future Goals

I started my MBA at Portland State to better utilize business as a catalyst for balancing the built and natural environment. With a background in biology, business was the farthest field from my mind for years. Through my experience, I see how business is an effective tool for change and I love the new subject matter I am exposed to through the Portland State MBA program.

My Experience at Portland State University

I am in my first year in the part-time MBA program and am balancing home, work, and school and would love to support you in your education decisions.

My Background

I am a seller-doer at a natural resource consulting firm in downtown Portland. My work consists of technical wetland science, managing a highly competent group of scientists, and developing client relationships. I've married to my husband of 13 years, Chris, and we have two wonderful children who are in preschool and second grade.

I'm passionate about...

Playing Piano Camping Hiking/Backpacking Gardening Reading fiction Cooking

I'm involved with...

Ambassador's Council BImpact
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