Kalin K.

Alumnus at Portland State University

Class of 2019

Current: Walla Walla, WA

Major: Master of Business Administration

My Background

With a B.S. in Plastics Engineering Technology (ABET accredited) from Western Washington University, I am an engineering professional with 6 years of experience with the last 4 years in the sporting goods industry. I have experience in manufacturing, product development, prototyping, testing and analysis, and project management.

My Advice for Exploring Graduate Business School

Define your goals and what is important to you both in your future and the program that you choose. Graduate school is a lot of work but incredibly rewarding if it aligns with your career plans and values.

My Experience at Portland State University

I am in my second year of the part-time Master of Business Administration program at PSU and I love it! It's one of the best decisions I've made, despite the stress of balancing work, school, and family. While the technical information in the program has been top notch, the ways I’ve learned to communicate and lead others through looking inward and developing my strengths is something I have not found anywhere else. Kicking off the program with Leadership Development, traveling with smaller groups for the International Experience trip, coming back together for Leadership Immersion in the second year, and the yet-to-be started capstone project all provide opportunities to learn, test, and grow in a relatively low-risk environment. Prior to the program, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in a leadership position in the future or not, but these tools have sped up my development process and opened doors I hadn’t thought possible.

My Future Goals

I am looking to continue to influence cutting edge product development in the sporting goods industry, embracing challenges and building lasting relationships along the way, while prioritizing sport for myself and my teammates. With my MBA and continued work experience, I hope to move into leadership roles at my current company, managing small to medium sized teams. My long term career goal is to promote environmental education and appreciation/activism through a business lens.

I'm passionate about...

Cooking Traveling Outdoor Education Rock Climbing Mountain Climbing Ultimate Frisbee Running

I'm involved with...

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