Alyssa P.

Graduate Ambassador at Portland State University

Graduate Program

Program: Master of Business Administration

Secondary Program:

Graduation Year: 2018

My Experience at Portland State University

Portland State University introduced me to a lot of people I would not have met otherwise through my cohort, international experience, events, and guest speakers. Some of the people have helped me discover career possibilities that I did not know existed. In the classroom, I gained the tools I needed to apply my knowledge in my career. As a part-time MBA student, I also learned how to better manage my time and balance competing priorities while balancing career, school, and life.

My Future Goals

Currently, I am transitioning my career to a Business & Data Analyst / Corporate Strategy role.

My Background

B.A. in Psychology, Minors in Communications, French, & Dance

I'm passionate about...

Music Dance

I'm involved with...

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