Alyssa P.

Alumnus at Portland State University

Class of 2018

Current: Portland, OR

Major: Master of Business Administration

My Future Goals

Currently, I am transitioning my career to a Business & Data Analyst / Corporate Strategy role.

My Background

B.A. in Psychology, Minors in Communications, French, & Dance

My Experience at Portland State University

Portland State University introduced me to a lot of people I would not have met otherwise through my cohort, international experience, events, and guest speakers. Some of the people have helped me discover career possibilities that I did not know existed. In the classroom, I gained the tools I needed to apply my knowledge in my career. As a part-time MBA student, I also learned how to better manage my time and balance competing priorities while balancing career, school, and life.

I'm passionate about...

Music Dance

I'm involved with...

Mentoring Graduate Ambassador Design for America
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